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League Information

At EventZona, we have many different bowling leagues so you can catch all the excitement of participating in a time-honored game of skill!

Eat, bowl, and socialize with a variety of fellow bowlers of all different skill levels. From beginners to pros, we have the perfect leagues to get you into the competitive spirit. No matter how you bowl, the best place to bowl is EventZona!

Our professional quality lanes, exciting games, and special discounts on league events make our private bowling lanes the perfect place for your next competition.

Want to join a bowling league of your own but feel unsure how to get started?

The EventZona staff is always ready to talk to you about your ideas for a competition amongst friends or a fully-fledged tournament – whether it’s between rival companies or hardcore bowlers competing for a major professional title, we want to help you hone your skills. You can also come and talk to our bowlers to learn more about how you can be part of a team of competitive bowlers with a focus on fun!

For more information or to join please contact our center at 662-346-4680 or email us at

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